At the beginning of 2005, ProteoToul decided to implement a quality approach according to the requirements of ISO 9001 (Quality Management System). The aim is to improve the organization and traceability of the work carried out. With the aim of continuous improvement and maximum satisfaction of our various users (customers, employees, partners …), a systematization and a formalization of the various processes implemented have been initiated.

Thanks to the implementation of these measures, in July 2006, ProteoToul received ISO 9001 certification, which was extended, for the first time in a public research laboratory, to basic research activities.

Since June 2014, ProteoToul has been certified NF X 50-900.
This new framework has the particularity of complementing ISO 9001 by integrating all the specific requirements relating to research technology platforms.

This standard makes it possible to obtain a double certification ISO 9001 and NFX 50-900.