1 Analysis requests are centralized via the ProFI website.
After creating an account, follow the instructions and select the Toulouse site before sending your request. For contact and information prior to a request, you can directly contact ProteoToul Services by email at .

2 Upon receipt of the analysis request, ProteoToul Services staff will contact you to discuss your project in more details. Together we will assess its feasibility and determine the most appropriate strategy to set up for proteomics analyses.

3 If the project is accepted, we will send you a quotation and a “Customer Project” form specifying all project details and conditions of realization. You will have to sign the form for your approval and to return it with a purchase order corresponding to the quotation before we start any analysis.

4 Once received, your samples enter into our quality-assured storage and treatment process. Our expert staff prepare the protein samples for MS analysis, run the MS analyses, and analyze MS data with dedicated bioinformatics tools.

5 Preliminary data can be sent to you upon request to discuss the interpretation of the results and their relevance. In the end, we send you a full report describing sample preparation, analysis and processing, showing results and illustrating them with figures, concluding on the analyses, and possibly giving perspectives for the next steps of your project.

6 We protect the confidentiality of your project from the outside of ProteoToul Services. We remain at your service for any question about the results, their publication, and the continuation of your project.

More than just the analysis

Consulting, advice, follow-up of results, data interpretation and discussions