The Thermo Scientific Q Exactive hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer combines high-performance quadrupole precursor selection with high-resolution, accurate-mass (HR/AM) Orbitrap™ detection.
The Q Exactive Plus mass spectrometer delivers increased sensitivity and precision for protein identification. The advanced active beam guide and advanced quadrupole technology improve identification of low-abundance proteins in complex matrices while providing the utmost reliability and confidence.
The Q Exactive Plus instrument delivers the sensitivity expected from targeted quantitation with the extra measure of analytical confidence provided by high-resolution accurate-mass data. Parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) can be employed on the Q Exactive Plus system to quantify peptides with superior sensitivity and unmatched selectivity.

The Exactive Plus mass spectrometer features fast scanning that makes it fully compatible with narrow UHPLC peaks.

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Name Q Exactive Plus
Thermo Scientific
Acquisition Date
Coupled to UHPLC nanoLC systems (Ultimate 3000 RSLCnano, Thermo)
Data-Dependent Acquisition
Targeted Analysis (PRM)