timsTOF SCP mass spectrometer installed at ProteoToul

Thanks to the REACT-EU OCSSIGEN projet (Région Occitanie, FEDER funds), ProteoToul has acquired a high sensitivity timsTOF SCP mass spectrometer coupled to an Evosep chromatographic system. This platform allows an in-depth analysis of proteins from very low amounts of samples (primary cells, biopsies, …) and paves the way towards single cell proteomics. Bruker timsTOF technical..

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Carole Pichereaux : l’expertise en protéomique

En 2023, il y aura 20 ans que Carole Pichereaux exerce à la Fédération ses talents de protéomicienne. Ce néologisme illustre la haute technicité et les compétences nécessaires : biochimiste des protéines, massiste, bioanalyste. Ses travaux sont réalisés à la plateforme ProteoToul* de l’IPBS, dirigée par Odile Schiltz, qui accueille Carole pour participer aux projets..

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MaxQuant Summer School

At the beginning of September the 13th International Summer School on Computational Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics was held in Barcelona. Two of the group’s PhD students Pinar Altiner and Zoltan Udvardy joined the event where they received hands-on training in computational analysis of proteomics data using MaxQuant and Perseus software. In addition to the tutorials, our..

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Understanding how T lymphocytes discriminate between antigens of varying affinities

T lymphocytes are essential cells of the immune system, and have the ability to sense a wide range of antigenic peptides bound to the Major histocompatibility complex (MHC). But they trigger a proper response only after recognition of high-affinity antigens coming from pathogens, while interaction with self-peptides fail to activate them. Through an in-depth, time-resolved..

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Julien Marcoux’s HDR

Structural Mass Spectrometry of membrane proteins and large protein complexes Building on his expertise acquired around the concept of Structural MS, Julien Marcoux was hired by the CNRS in 2015 at the Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology (IPBS, Toulouse) in the Proteotoul team to implement and develop structural MS methods at the IPBS. Since..

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