Waters Synapt G2-Si


The Synapt G2-Si is a Q-TOF based mass spectrometer including an additional Ion-Mobility cell that allows orthogonal separation of the ions based on their shape and conformation.

Equipped with an intermediate quadrupole (8k), this highly versatile instrument can be used either not only for peptide identification (LC-MSE data independent acquisition) but also for denaturing and native MS analysis.



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Name Synapt G2-Si
Company Waters
Acquisition Date 2016
Fragmentation CID
ETD (trap)
Configuration Direct infusion (nano-ESI): coupled to borosilicate needles or Nanomate for native MS

H-Class-Bio UPLC separation (ESI) for SEC separation

M-Class UPLC separation: coupled to Waters HDX module and LeapTec PAL for hydrogen-deuterium exchange

Applications Native MS, Ion-mobility, Hydrogen-deuterium Exchange